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Comparison of the Candida albicans and biofilm formation amount on natural tooth, porcelain and acrylic resin
Ali Rıza Tunçdemir 1, Melek İnci 2, Erhan Özcan 1, Serdar Polat 1, İbrahim Damlar 1
1 - Mustafa Kemal University, Dentistry Faculty, Hatay, Turkey
2 - Mustafa Kemal University. Medicine Faculty, Department of Microbiology, Hatay, Turkey
Dicle Med J 2012; 39(1):16-20
ICID: 986798
Article type: Original article
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Objective: This study compared the retention of the Candida
albicans and biofilm formation on natural teeth, porcelain
and acrylic resin.
Materials and methods: Samples are taken with the
sterile ecuvion sticks from the buccal embrasures of the
natural tooth, porcelain and acrylic. The biofilm production
of candida reproducing strains was determined with
microplate method. Samples are settled in 0.5 ml sterile
phosphate buffered saline. Reproduction detected colonies
defined to species in accordance with their macroscopic
and microscopic features and germ tube test in
microbiology laboratory.
Results: There was significant differences for retention of
Candida albicans and biofilm formation on the surface of
tooth, porcelain and acrylic (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Adherence of Candida albicans and biofilm
formation on the porcelain significantly less than natural
tooth and acrylic, and retention and biofilm formation on
the tooth less than acrylic.

ICID 986798

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