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Evaluation of intoxication cases admitted to Emergency Department of a University Hospital
Ertan Sönmez 1, Ali Karakuş 2, Umut Yücel Çavuş 3, Cemil Civelek 1, Göktürk İpek 4, Cem Zeren 5
1 - Bezmialem Üniversitesi Tıp Fak Acil Servisi, İstanbul, Türkiye
2 - Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Acil Tıp Anabilim Dalı, Hatay, Türkiye
3 - Fatih Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Acil Servisi, Ankara, Türkiye
4 - Mardin Devlet Hastanesi Kardiyoloji Servisi, Mardin, Türkiye
5 - Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Adli Tıp Ana Bilim Dalı- Hatay, Türkiye
Dicle Med J 2012; 39(1):21-26
ICID: 986800
Article type: Original article
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Objectives: This study is aimed at the evaluation of the demographic
properties of the patients from Sivas and surrounding
cities, presenting to the emergency department by poisoning.
Materials and methods: Our study was carried out on 567
patients admitted to Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine’s
Emergency Department in four years because of poisoning.
Patients were divided into groups such as suicides,
accidentals, or being exposed. All the patients were defined
about their ages, sex, participation of the seasons, consciousness,
prognosis, exposure to the type of poison and what had
been done before arriving to us. Mushroom poisonings were
distinguished into two groups as early or later symptomatic.
Results: Suicide patients were 363 (64.10%), accidentals
were 120 (21.28 %), exposed patients were 83 (14.62 %). Patients’
ages were minimum 15 and maximum 81. The mean of
all ages was 27.82±11.56. While the mean of women’s ages
was 26.89±2.072, men’s was 29.97±5.122 (p<0.05). Of all the
patients 30.3 % were men and 69.7 % were women. The rate
of conscious patients was 88.2 %, subconscious patients was
7.6 %. The rate of the unconscious when they arrived at the
hospital was 4.1%. Only one was exitus (0.2%). Most of the patients
were exposed to drugs (72.7%), followed by mushrooms
(12.2%) and pesticides (9%). The number of patients who died
from pesticides was 2, 3 from methanol, 3 from medicines, one
from mushroom and one from gas. The kinds of drug poisonings
were evaluated and in conclusion, mostly multiple drug
poisonings were seen (27%). The mushroom poisonings were
assessed for the beginnings of the symptoms. The early symptoms
(0-6 h.) were seen the most (88.5%), later symptoms (6-
24 h.) were seen less (11.5%). Most poisonings were seen
in winter (30%). The evaluation of the first management was
done before the patients arrived, 52.4% of these patients nothing
had been done in other clinics.
Conclusion: In our country, there are a lot of statistical data
of patients who resorted to health clinics with pre-diagnosis
of poisoning however our study shows important information
about poisonings in Sivas region.

ICID 986800

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